Our Culture

A company's culture is more than a set of words; it needs to be believed in and lived by employees and managers alike and it needs to be felt by our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

We believe in partnerships with people

Business has the potential to be a good business if you have the right people in place who understand their business model and the key drivers for growth. We want to partner with people who are highly ambitious, have the highest level of integrity and who have a clear understanding of their business model. Our objective is to provide support to our partners and to create the environment for them to attain the highest level of their ambitions. We want to create a genuine win / win relationship for both Excellerate and our partners, with clear incentives in place to deliver results. We will treat our employees and partners with respect.

We want to grow

We pursue growth aggressively through both organic growth within the business units and by acquisition. We encourage our managers to take considered risks but not to gamble. We place a great deal of emphasis on cash generation and in investing that free cash in pursuit of growth. Where free cash cannot be applied to appropriate opportunities within a business unit, we will utilise the cash to grow on a group level

We are decentralised

We believe that the role of the corporate office is to support our subsidiaries, to empower our business units and their management teams. We will avoid politics and bureaucracy and be decisive in our actions.

We simplify measurement and reporting

We strive for simplified results and reporting, utilising key statistics to monitor performance. We always face the reality in our businesses and we want our partners to see the business in exactly the same light as our shareholders.

We believe in honesty and integrity

We act with integrity and honesty in all that we do, believing that our word and our honour matter.

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